flv to MP3 conversion ( JS )
Script made to extract the MP3 data from flv videos, a little challenging do this with Javascript, but is possible.
Catch the balloon
Experimental game made with HTML DOM, and CSS, the objective is click in a balloon the number of times indicated in it before reach the top
Pixel by Pixel canvas animation
A simple animation using canvas, every pixel came from random location of HTML Canvas, to form the image
Music Game
A musical game inspired from Les Paul Google Dodle and Guitar Hero, the game works like Guitar Hero, but every hint play one music note
Random and animated blurred background
Script of background of this page, an animated blurred background, generated using canvas
Virtual Drum
Virtual drum with recording options, it's possible record what you are playing and play after.
CSS Drawing + JS animation
Drawing a character using CSS, and animation using CSS and Javascript
Pixel by Pixel Image effects
Trying to make some image white effects with HTML Canvas, I was made this script at the beginning of my study of HTML Canvas